Two decades later, the rom-com is still endearing despite its flaws.

I have decided, somewhat serendipitously, that if I happen to have a daughter someday, I will name her Bridget (if there is no daughter, a cat will get the name instead). There is no other name that sounds as solid. (And how cool is the nickname ‘Bridge’?)

I made this decision while re-watching Bridget Jones’s Diary in celebration of the film’s 20-year anniversary.

I won’t confirm whether this hypothetical daughter’s namesake is actually the imperfectly perfect rom-com character, or an actor I adore, because it could be either. But Bridget Jones wouldn’t be a bad person to be associated with.

What makes you feel at home in your assigned gender?

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility, which is part of a whole awareness week that not only recognizes the discrimination faced by transgender people, but also their incredible contributions of the past and present.

With anti-trans bills sweeping the nation, it is a critical time to take a look at the ways a lack of understanding, and in some cases, outright hate, has impacted the trans community.

Lawmakers in states like Arkansas are denying transgender youth the right to life-saving care and involvement in sports because of misconceptions and unfounded “issues” that don’t actually exist.

As cisgender people, no matter…

Warning: Contains spoilers for the film and mentions of suicidal ideation.

Pixar has got us thinking about death once again. While Coco (2017) transported us to the Land of the Dead to have us ponder what we’d be remembered for, Soul is an existential crisis set to jazz.

Like many stories meant to illustrate the meaning of life, the film quickly kills off its main character: Middle school band teacher and jazz pianist Joe Gardner meets his demise by falling down a manhole promptly after landing his dream gig.

Determined to get back to life in time for the show, Joe escapes the official afterlife and enters the You Seminar. The…

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been inclined to play housewife. I don’t own a house and I’m not anyone’s wife, nor has my partner ever imposed gender roles on our relationship. And yet, I have relegated myself to this position because I don’t know what else I can be.

I’ve spent the past three weeks drifting through a whole lot of nothingness, feeling as though my skull is filled with a pile of bricks, leaving no room for anything except heaviness. I feel paralyzed mentally and physically. The slightest inconvenience sets off anger and tears. …

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When I hit the six figure mark in my career before the age of 28, I started thinking about how I could give back to the less business savvy souls in my industry. I decided launching a coaching business would be the best use of my gifts. I mean, who better than me to mentor the next generation of girlbosses?

For just $150 an hour, I will work with struggling she-e-o’s to help them build their empires (that’s less than most therapists charge for a session!)

You’ll bring your business woes, I’ll bring my high-level vibes, and together, we’ll dig…

But not all of us are condemned equally.

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It’s tough to believe and acknowledge the fact that someone from a marginalized community with such a huge platform could abuse their power so much. But the Ellen scandal has shown us once again that no one is immune to being an asshole.

Ellen fought hard to be where she has been for the last 17 years. At one point after publicly coming out as a lesbian, she lost everything. …

How AOC’s speech about Ted Yoho inspired me to finally call out a shitty boss.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responds to Rep. Yoho’s so-called apology.

I sent a not-so-politely worded email for the first time in my life last week as I severed ties with a toxic job. I was clear and to the point, and I know there were nicer, softer, more roundabout ways to word it, but I was done responding to abuse with politeness.

My mother raised me to be that way, as I am sure many of your mothers have raised you if you were also raised as a woman. She still tries to rein me in these days, even though, at twenty-two, I cannot be persuaded to tone down my…

*Cisgender bisexual men

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

A new study confirmed it is “biologically possible” for cisgender men to be attracted to both cisgender men and women. The headlines covering it say things like: “Science Suggests Some Men Really Are Bisexual” and “Male Bisexuality is Real and This Study Finally Confirms It.” If you haven’t already been scratching your head at how something so stupid was funded and worked on by actual living people in 2020, keep reading.

The useless study that no one asked for was conducted using the biased belief that sexual arousal is indicative of sexual orientation for cisgender men. (The method of “determining”…

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It’s my thirteenth birthday. The theme is “cupcake spa.” Even the lotion I bought smells like a chocolate cupcake. The scent is freakishly accurate, and the consistency is just like frosting.

My grandmother’s friend crocheted me several cupcakes, which I display on cake stands as part of the decor. It’s just the beginning of my cupcake craze. I don’t like eating them, but the pastels make me happy and I just love the aesthetic of the compact little baked goods.

My family teases me about the irony. Less than a year prior, I was in the hospital for ten days…

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